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About ilizarov technique

Ilizarov is the world famous & most advanced technique in Orthopaedics .It was invented by Prof. Gavril A. Ilizarov in 1951, from Kurgan, Russia. It became famous worldwide in 1981. Ilizarov technique has many distinct advantages and it is very different from convectional Orthopaedic techniques. It is mostly a closed treatment where fracture & other conditions are treated without opening the bones or joints or by minimal invasive technique. Practically it is a scar less surgery; the scars of the wires gets fade up in nearly 6months time. It is cosmetic too. It is biological, the fractures heals faster & better way. Practically it is stitch less surgery & it won’t gives big, ugly, permanent surgical scars. Also the chances of infection are quite less. In ilizarov technique 1.5 m to 1.8m thin steel/Titanium wires are passed across the bone or joints & connected extenternally to steel /Titanium/Carbon fiber rings, which gives very strong construct & thus Patient can starts walking or using his operated limb from next day of surgery. It is functional - patient can join their routine activities or join his work immediately after the surgery. Ambulation is very easy with support. It requires very less hospital stay & the cost of medicines is also very less as compared to conventional Orthopaedic treatment. Versatility is unique feature of ilizarov; it can be applied from skull to toe to different Orthopaedic & other medical conditions.


Some miss-conceptions about IIizarov:

  • 1) Is Ilizarov obsolete treatment?
    No. It is true that it is an old treatment but it is the only time tested technique in Orthopaedic world. It has very vastly developed over the period in its applications. It is very effective .There are certain condition where Ilizarov is the only better treatment option. On the contrary many techniques came & vanished in due course as most of them were on commercial basis .Ilizarov is the most advanced & sophisticated technique.
  • 2) Is Ilizarov quite complicated surgery?
    No, In fact it is having very minimal complications in expert hands & it is mostly used to rectify the complications caused by other conventional treatment. If learnt properly it is quite simple and very effective technique. But, yes it is highly skilled & needs innovative brain. The surgeon should be fully trained in ilizarov technique.
  • 3) Is Ilizarov very costly treatment?
    No, Considering very less hospital stay, minimum need of costly medicines, blood & suture material ;It is very cost-effective than conventional treatment modalities. It is affordable to all class of patients.
  • 4) Is Ilizarov apparatus very cumbersome?
    The Ilizarov rings looks little bulky but they are light weight & once accustomed ;the patient can be very friendly with this apparatus. In fact this is the only system in the world which permits immediate mobilations depending up on the patient’s condition. With proper education & counseling patients accepts it very well.
  • 5) Is ilizarov very lengthy procedure?
    No, most of the time Ilizarov is done for conditions like Compound(open)/Comminuted fractures, Non union,lengthening,deformity correction ,bone & joint infections,Osteomylities, joint fusion which are very difficult conditions & take long treatment time. As the Ilizarov rings are placed externally they are seen till the treatment is over. On the contrary to other internal implants which are not visualized from outside. But ilizarov gives faster & better results.
  • 6) Can every Orthopedic Surgeon can perform ilizarov surgery?
    No, it is highly skilled & vast technique & only very experienced Orthopaedics surgeon in ilizarov technique can give excellent results. If done by inexperienced the complication rate is high.
  • 7) Is there any age limit for cosmetic height increase or ilizarov surgery?
    No, Height can be gained by 1mm/day rate at any age.Ilizarov can be applied from 1 year onwards up to any age provided patient is fit to undergo this surgery.
  • 8) Is Ilizarov very painful surgery?
    No. This surgery is done under anesthesia. Once surgery is over patient can use his operated limb. The Ilizarov wires are tensioned & as patients starts using his limb over a period these wires lose its tension and so they need to be tensioned regularly during regular follow up. Also Ilizarov apparatus needs weekly & proper dressing otherwise the wires get infected & become loose & then there is pain at the wire site. Also sometimes some patients feel some pain during lengthening period or during deformity correction.