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Message from President ASAMI INDIAN.

Dear Friends,
It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the enigmatic World of Ilizarov!

As you are aware that since the invention of this wonderful technique in 1951by Prof. G.A. IIlizarov,Kurgan,Russia,it has drastically changed the results & vision in Orthopaedics & traumatology across the glob ;which made it the most famous technique in Orthopaedic history which can not be overcome in near 100 years ahead. This is the only technique in Orthopaedics which has not only sustained but prospered from Skull to toe, from Orthopaedics to Neuro, Plastic, Vascular, Cosmetic surgery and from Humans to veterinary;
on its purely natural, scientific, innovative & non commercial base by Prof.Ilizarov`s successator & my beloved teacher like Prof.Vladimir Shevtsov(Ex Director RISC,Kurgan & Ex President ASAMI International)
In spite of of enigmatic results, vast potential & Popularity it has become a only topic of theoretical discussion in almost all Orthopaedic meets every day; as surgeons lack its proper training & it has been mispropogated in Hybridised way. Come join us to know the real art of making bones …Ilizarov! Original Ilizarov is simple,practical,highly effective & versatile. It has limitless possibilities in nearly 80% cases through its 15 subspecialities.

ASAMI INDIAN has started in 2014 for ilizarov enthusiasts after splitting from ASAMI India ,the former association with corrupt & unethical practices , now under govt.enquiery & will be abolished soon. It has gained rapid popularity in India & abroad with its growing membership.
It is a purely scientific association with transparency.

I welcome you to join hands with us to learn & exchange ideas in Ilizarov technique.


Dr.Sandeep Adke.
MS,DNB (Ortho),FRSC (Kurgan, Russia)
1 st Fellow of Russian Ilizarov Scientific Center,Kurgan,Russia.
Ilizarov & Cosmetic Orthopaedic Specialist,

Russian Ilizarov center,
Adke Hospital,Solapur,MS,India.