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Ilizarov Fellowship- 2022,India.12-18 Dec. Hurry! Last date: 7 Dec.2022,Limited Seats left.

                      "Ilizarov"- the magical treatment from Kurgan, Russia, invented by Prof. Gavril A Ilizarov has developed very extensively over recent years. It is time tested technique for more than 62 years, very successful & has given very miraculous results. How nearly 80% of trauma & Orthopedic cases can be treated very effectively with Ilizarov. The transossious osteosynthesis method of Ilizarov has stepped far beyond the conventional Orthopedics. Apart from ring fixator we have mini fixators for hand & foot, spinal fixators, pelvic & skull fixtors.It has opened unlimited possibilities in other fields of medicine like vascular, neuro, plastic, reconstructive, oncology, obstetrics, dentistry, cosmetic & even veternary surgery ! Ilizarov is probably the only superspeciality having wide applications in its 15 subspecialties like trauma, joint pathology, Pediatric Orthopedics, hand, foot, spine, deformity correction, nonunion, lengthening, pelvic fractures, bone tumours,  geriatric orthopedics, cosmetic Orthopedics etc. With Ilizarov it is possible to treat worst fractures in a short period with better results. It is truly speaking minimal invasive, biological & bloodless technique to restore bone healing without grafting, lengthening & shaping body parts. Modern medicine can hardly do without it.   Ilizarov  "the art of making bone if learnt properly is simple, different,  practical & very effective."

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Dr. Sandeep Adke with Prof. V. I. Shevtsov,

Former directer Russian Ilizarov Scientific Center, Kurgan, Russia and Past President ASAMI International.

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Russian Ilizarov Center for Trauma and Orthopaedics

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